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How do I get MAXIMUM gaming performance on battery?

I dont care that I may only get an hour or so of battery life, I just want EQUAL performance on battery AND plugged in status.... How do I accomplish this?    Wheres the setting(I looked on the power icon and it doesnt really affect it).. I have the NEWEST alienware 15R3 with the 1060 card and the I7 7700..

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Re: How do I get MAXIMUM gaming performance on battery?

There isn't one.  You have to have your Monsterous 250W or better power brick to get full performance when your GPU is using 150W or more power when in gaming mode.


 The only way to have this is to carry around 5000 pounds of battery and invert-er.


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Re: How do I get MAXIMUM gaming performance on battery?

Hi professorjpj‌,

There's no way, High-performance mobile GPUs can require significant amounts of power to operate at full speed.
The GPU is not the only power-hungry part in a laptop. A modern Intel performance mobile CPU typically draws about 47 W at full power. In addition, you need to power other system components, such as the display, disk, and USB peripherals. When you add it all up, you might need anywhere from 140 W to 200 W to operate a gaming laptop under full load depending on your system configuration.
A typical battery in a gaming laptop can store about 60-80 Wh of energy. Most Li-ion batteries are not designed to be discharged faster than twice their Wh rating per hour (2C). In addition, sustained discharge at rates exceeding 1C can significantly reduce the overall service life of the battery. Continuously pulling 150 W or more from a typical 77 Wh battery is not a great idea and your battery could overheat and fail or even catch fire. While it's likely the battery's own protection circuitry would shut down the battery if overloaded or overheated, a device should never subject its battery to an unsafe load at any time during operation.

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