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How to Upgrade M17xR4 to SSD

I need assistance in selecting the correct SSD for my 3.5 y/o M17xR4. Will a Crucial MX300 750 SATA 2.5" (CT750MX300SSD1) work in the following configuration: remove the existing 750GB HDD and 64GB mSATA cash drive. Install the Crucial SSD as primary, reinstall the existing 750B as a secondary (internal backup drive so to speak) and permanently remove the 64GB cache drive.

I chose take this approach because I can see no advantage to having the cache drive. I currently am using about 370GB of storage and that number remains fairly consistent. I don't download tonsojunk, little music, few photos, no videos. I have NO experience with RAID and I need assistance in deleting or disabling RAID so I can have a conventional storage setup--RAID not needed or wanted.

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