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How to move Windows 10 OS from HDD to SSD

I have had the Alienware X51 since 2012 R1 with i3 core. I finally decided to add a SSD to the computer as my brother decided he wanted it. 

I need assistance figuring out how to move Windows 10 from the preinstalled HDD (WD 1TB Blue) to the Sandisk 120 GB SSD. Also before you all say 'use the provided CD/DVD that came with the computer to change it', be aware it has been 4 years and I no longer have the original software that came with the computer.

So if someone has any idea how to move the Windows 10 64-bit OS to a 120 GB SSD please speak up, I will chime in with answers to questions you may have.

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RE: How to move Windows 10 OS from HDD to SSD

You can use Macrium Reflect (free) to clone or Image the old drive.

You might then want to "RESET" it so that your brother starts with a fresh/clean computer.

A working set of core drivers (and any required custom Dell drivers) should be migrated.

It should be working at this point. When using the Win10-Reset feature, I'm not sure if enhanced custom driver-suite software will be migrated as well. Examples of these are Dell TouchPad software, nVidia GeForce Experience, Dolby audio equalizer software, etc. 

Then, you just use the computer like a new one and install your programs. It's gonna be way-fast booting and loading programs from SSD now.

Alternatively, I personally would probably just opt to do a clean-install of Windows-10 (64bit). You can create a bootable Win10/64 flash drive from Microsoft's Windows-10 website. Boot it with F12 and install to the blank SSD. Keep the old HDD disconnected and un-touched until later. Later, (after you are done with it) you can erase it and use for other purpose (large-games, storage, backups, etc.)

I would then install any missing drivers (and enhanced driver-suites) from WindowsUpdate or If some of these latest drivers are not specified as Windows-10 compatible, they might still work if installed in Windows-8 Compatibility Mode with the Compatibility Troubleshooter.

It should Activate as Genuine since you already did an upgrade install (in-place install) of Win10. If you had not done that, Windows-10 should still Activate Genuine by reading Win-8 key from BIOS or by you manually entering CoA Key from sticker on side of computer. Basically, as long as your copy of Windows-7 or Windows-8 was legitimate you should not have a problem with Activation.

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RE: How to move Windows 10 OS from HDD to SSD

I have never heard of Macrium, I will definitely give it a try. I did just do a complete wipe of all my files that were on it, but then decided afterwards I should add a SSD so he feels like it performs at a quicker pace. 

I will let you know tomorrow how it goes, I should be able to do all of it tonight. Thank you Tesla1856

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RE: How to move Windows 10 OS from HDD to SSD

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