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How to recover AlienRespawn upgrade to premium on new computer?

I purchased the upgrade to AlienRespawn on an M18x.  Subsequent to this I returned that computer in exchange for another M18x due to improper baseline configuration.  I have been struggling ever since to figure out how to upgrade my current AlienRespawn to premium.  Does anyone have any data on this?  Element 9 (download service) from which I obtained the original key referred me back to Alienware.  One rep. was investigating and never got back to me.  Another is supposed to be looking into it.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: How to recover AlienRespawn upgrade to premium on new computer?

Keep at it with Tech Support.  They should be able to resolve it.  Other options would be to check with sales - they might be able to assist in locating your original upgrade purchase.  If still not seeing results, you could always use this link (be sure to have your case# from the original support call handy for reference):  


Good luck, hope its resolved soon.  

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RE: How to recover AlienRespawn upgrade to premium on new computer?

Good Luck.. I had an Alienware 17RX3 that I purchased aprox 14 months ago. It went to the depot 3 times for repair and I had 3 service techs come to my home to try and repair it but couldn't. Since I used my Respawn Element 5 key for the old computer it did not work on the new Alienware 17 they sent me. I have called Dell and they told me is an Alienware problem and transferred me to the Alienware team. Be advised.. if you have a extended warranty  on your computer and program tech support.. you talk to regular dell people before you ever talk to a service person from the Alienware service team. Anyway.. after multiple calls to dell tech support and Alienware tech support.. they have not been able to get me a new Alienware Respawn Element 5 key. So... I called Alienware Respawn Element 5 in Germany and will finally get the answer. I will be getting a new key, it will be entered for me and a backup will be done to a 2T external drive that I have purchased just to use as a back up. I was also added to a online review board to try and help more people who have the same problems that we have had. Keep in mind.. I had to go through over 2 months of them trying to repair or solve the problem, also well over 100 hrs in Dell connect and Alienware tech team connect to get to this stage. It is possible I had to go through all this because I have a 1.5T Raid system. I have yet to find out if that is the truth. Keep at it. Good Luck.

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