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How to switch graphics card on alienware m17x r3

Yo every body, so I just got my new laptop and I already have a noobish issue I'm sure... Even though the computer is fully charged and plugged in, as well as in high performance mode... it STILL operates on the integrated intel graphics card... instead of the 560m which is visible in device manager... help please xD !

How do I make the switch !

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I see the same message as Ryan and would also like to know how to switch back and forth between the Intel and nVidia graphics cards as I see fit.


I have the problem when I hit this it just says your graphics solution is automatically configured for optimal performance. How do I switch now and what message should I recieve when it does switch. Ty


Is there a way to elminate the confirmation popup that comes with the FN+F7 (I/D GFX). I'd like it to just HAPPEN when I hit the hotkey.


xD Noob powaaaa !!! Thanks got it



System specs:

MB: GA-X99-SOC Champion
 CPU: 5960x @ 4.4GHz
 RAM: 16GB G.Skill @ 3400MHz
GPU's: 4x Titan X
PSU: 1600w T2
SSD: 480GB Intel 730.
Monitor: PG278Q
OS: Windows7 SP1/Windows 10 build 10586.318.

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Well the manual says the nvidia is turned on when it is required to do so... xD I hope this will not cause performance issues but there you go learned something.

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