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Installing Linux Dual Boot, can it be done?

This is turning in to a mamoth task.

I can boot (via f12) from a usb 2 memory stick with the latest live version of Linux Mint on.Without making changes to the BIOS boot config

I can install linux on to a 64gig USB3.0 memory stick.

However when I try to boot from this the 64gig USB3.0 memory stick is not recognised (not listed when I start via f12).

Does the BIOS support booting from a USB3.0 device.

I also tried shrinking the windows partition of the PCIe SSD but when I booted Mint from the USB 2 live image the PCIe SSD did not show up in GParted.

I seems a waste to give Windows all the disk (1 terra byte) when I spend 75% of my time in Linux. I only use Windows for Games and any thing I absolutly cannot do in Linux.

As Linux will be my primary OS I would prefer it to be installed on the SSD for performance.

I was trying the USB3.0 memory stick as an interim solution.

I could also add another SSD (Samsung 850 pro)

Is there an established method of installing Linux on this rig.

System is an Alienware 17 R3



1 TB (old style!) Hitachi hard drive. Used for backups (could put linux here as a last resort).

3 USB 3.0 sockets

16 gig memory

8 gig graphics GTX 980M

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Stuart D D
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RE: Installing Linux Dual Boot, can it be done?

Just noticed (after removing the base panel) that there is no SATA socket or even room for another drive. a bit disapointing really:-(

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