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Installing Linux on Alienware 15 R3

Good morning everyone,

I am trying to install linux and I can't find a way to boot from the usb.  I tried installing it straight from windows and it says this version of windows it's not supported for the install.

I went through the boot options in the Bios and there is no boot from USB option. I found a couple of guides for the alienware online but my bios must be different because the menu does not give me the USB option.

My hardware setup is a i7-7820HK with the GTX1070.

I would really appreciate the help, thanks guys.

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I successfully installed Gentoo linux on my Alienware 13 R3. 

For the boot media:

1) turn off secure boot

2) in windows boot manager, there will be a option near the bottom of the first menu section, boot usb in EFI

When you are done with everything in the end and you install grub 2 on EFI, make sure you have the efivafs mounted rw, otherwise grub 2 will fail silently .

Hey thanks for the help so far, but I think I am going to stay clear of doing any linux installs for now. 

Yeah, maybe don't use Kali if you need help from me - that distro is specifically for security  professionals who really, really know what they're doing. The fact that you needed to ask any sort of install question at all suggests that you should not be using Kali. I know it's cool and all, but please don't. 

That being said, maybe give Solus or Manjaro a try, they're both supposed to be pretty good for gaming with (near) automatic integration with NVIDIA GPUs and the proprietary driver. Plus, they have pretty up to date kernels, which is helpful with this sort of machine.

Hey thanks for the reply! I am using the Kali linux 2016.2amd64. I am going to retry it the way you suggested.

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Every possible build under the sun is not supported.   I would try UBUNTU 16.04 DVD minimum. Live Linux or Knoppix or Ubuntu etc with SAFE BOOT OFF AND CSM ON should be able to F12 boot from DVD and install into Ramdisk and Run LIVE.

12.04.5 is the lowest version I would recommend.

Index of /releases/12.04/release 

16.04.2 is the Current LTS version

Download Ubuntu Desktop | Download | Ubuntu 

Ubuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) is the Latest Version.

How To Boot The Ubuntu Live CD - YouTube 

Support lifespan

Ubuntu 17.04 will be supported for 9 months until January 2018.

If you need Long Term Support, it is recommended you use Ubuntu 16.04 LTS instead.

Official flavour release notes

Find the links to release notes for official flavors here.


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What distro are you trying to install? Quite a few distros do not support secure boot in their installer, so you would first need to disable secure boot in the BIOS. Also, make sure you first disable fast boot/fast resume in windows 10, otherwise your bootloader will get screwed up - this might also be the reason why you cannot get the USB to boot.

Also, see here.

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