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Intel Rapid Storage Warning SATA Disk Failed

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Hey. I have a A17 running win8.1. I havent had any problems with it until tonight.  I had finished doing updates for one of my games. A pop up appeared from Intel Rapid Storage shows warning, "SATA disk on Controller 0, Port 0: Failed". Opened my explorer to google error. My computer crashed rebooted and then crashed again. Loads F2 and F12 menus only. Went through diagnostics this is photo of results... I am wondering as I have very important documents, photos etc on hard drive is it possible to remove the hard drive and plug into my desktop to try and save the infomation?? Will It void my warranty seeing ive only had the laptop max 4 months... 😞 Please any help would be great..


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RE: Intel Rapid Storage Warning SATA Disk Failed


No, this will not void your warranty. Unfortunately, the ePSA error confirms the HDD is failing, so there's no guarantee that you'll be able to recover all your information.

I recommend you can contact Technical Support in your region and request the replacement HDD

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