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Just WHY?!!!!

Well, I recieved my new alienware R2 15, 16 days ago and the laptop was amazing when I used it at first. But then I was shocked when I was browsering the internet yesterday without plugging it to the AC adapter (the battery was full) it became suddenly overheated. I became anxious about this and decided to turn it off. I came back an hour later and it simply wasn't working. I talked to the Tech support and they said they will send a box etc. I wanna ask you guys if this issue is common for alienware laptop. It's been 15 days and this happens! weird for such a good laptop.

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RE: Just WHY?!!!!

My first A15 R1 had a bad headphone jack.  Dell sent me a coffin but I just exchanged it with Best Buy for another new one.  That one has been working fine.  Sometimes stuff happens with technology, it's annoying.

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