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I have an Alienware 17 R2 configured with a 1TB HDD (without the M.2 SSD).  I tried to find a M.2 SSD on the parts website, and it is not there.  I called parts support, and after a lot of different people telling me it didn't exist, nor was it even an option for my laptop, I finally got a supervisor to acknowledge that my laptop could take a M.2 SSD, but that Dell no longer sells them.  This makes no sense since I can configure a new 17 R2 with a 128gb, 256gb or 512gb M.2 SSD.  Does anyone know how I can purchase the M.2 SSD from Dell?  I have $184 in Dell credit from the Advantage promotion, and want to order the SSD from Dell, not a 3rd party supplier.  Thanks much!

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Unfortunately, we don't have those in stock for sale as spare parts. My recommendation is to look online for a NGFF M.2 SSD that will fit your Alienware. We use Samsung, Toshiba and LiteOn on our machines. You can also keep contacting our sales department via phone or chat to consult about the availability of such products.

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