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M11X failed booting "No bootable device" Question

Hello folks,

Was working on my laptop over the weekend when I random blue-screened. No previous problem in the few years of owning it, other than display flickers due to loose connection. On attempting to boot again I get this:


After a little googling I found that it's often recommended to check if the harddrive is loose, so I opened it up, disconnected, reconnected, and placed it back in. This was just the hardrive itself, the easiest thing to access. I didn't do anything relating to the motherboard. The issue still was not resolved. Here is the harddrive as detected:


Any boot sequence:


Any ideas? I'm usually pretty good about backing up to a cloud but I have a few days of unsaved work on the hard drive. If it isn't obvious I'm only moderately tech-literate, but any thoughts and ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

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RE: M11X failed booting "No bootable device" Question

At this point, I would probably move forward with repairing or replacing the system.

You can save the existing (un-modified) hard-drive for later attempted data recovery. For DIY or semi-pro, you could test the old HDD in other computer or on USB interface/enclosure.

Going the other way, you could try a spare HDD/SSD in this machine. Seek qualified computer technician if this is mission-critical and you need professional help.

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