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M11X - garbled graphics on discrete GT335M.

On the discrete graphics in my M11x, the screen is completely garbled. Sometimes it shows colored vertical lines that either stay with a white background or fade into grey clouds, and sometimes it shows a garbled version of the screen (pushed left or right, or squished and tiled). Even happened in the bios when set to Discrete graphics only, so it's not a driver issue (but just to be safe, I reinstalled the old drivers and even tried the new drivers from Nvidia despite not being supported by Dell). No fix. Doesn't seem to be a heat issue as the fan doesn't wind up crazy and HWMonitor hasn't reported significant changes since it stopped working. The intel graphics seem to work fine (although, I panicked this morning as I saw a different kind of graphical error - horizontal lines that kind of looked like screen tearing and the screen was kind of jumpy). Not sure what to think about it, but all signs point to hardware error.

I'm still in warranty, but I don't fancy sending in my laptop. Can I get a replacement Motherboard sent out to me if I call support? I'd rather not go through the "Restart your Computer. System Restore. Reinstall drivers." etc. since I've done it already.

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Re: M11X - garbled graphics on discrete GT335M.

i would say its either the screen or video cards thats the problem.  just find someone intelligent on phone and ask them for a replacement motherboard.  let them know ur not a dolt and know what ur doing.

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