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M11x order problems...

Original order date: 2/22/2010
Original EDD: 3/24/2010
Updated EDD: 3/22/2010
On 3/11/2010 I called to check my order status, and it changed from Production/Build status to Changed status. I then call another automated number to find the order has been Cancelled!

So then I call to speak to a person, which ended up being someone in India. He tells me the order was cancelled due to a "illegal configuration". I asked "huh?" He did some digging and said something was wrong in a color selection, and that a new part # was needed. I then said I ordered Cosmic Black out of the 2 available colors. He then said "I'm sorry sir, that's all I'm able to see. I'll transfer you to your sales rep." I get transferred, and of course I can't reach him even after several tries.

The Indian guy calls me back shortly and asks me if I spoke to my sales rep, and I told him no, that I couldn't get through. He then says my order was assigned a new order # and gives that to me, now with an EDD of 4/2/2010. What's really upsetting is that I planned to be out of state come April and I needed the laptop with me.

So I pull up the stats for my "old" order and bring it into Excel. I do the same with my new order - no change what so ever, including part numbers.

So I end up emailing my sales rep and ask is going on, and that I was never notified about my order cancellation and reissue. He responds back and apologizes. He states he's contacted his manager and will attempt to get an expidited build, and do everything possible to get my order to me before April. He states he'll keep me posted as to the progrss, but I've yet to hear back from last email to him.  I also tell him about reports of M11x build issues, and that I'd prefer that the build be done correctly and not rushed - if that's what an expidited build meant.

Anyway, I'm actually quite <removed by admin>. I'm almost tempted to just cancel my order all together and wait a while and see what comes out in the near future.

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If its any consolation my ship date was also 4/2/2010 and my order updated to ship on 3/16/2010 so there getting them out allot faster then the date they originally give you

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This is exactly what happened to me, but I  ordered on Feb 4th, order was cancelled on Mar 4th with NO NOTICE.

Was told I would have to reorder, another month wait. Decided to order a Sony Vaio Z instead, ordered March 8, built March 12th, shipped March 13th (today). No longer a Dell customer. Unbelievable that Dell would throw away a 2500 dollar order.

Eric Finical

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