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M14 speaker problem

i buy my alienware last 2012 and during the warranty period I have a huge problem of the speaker its sound output is exploded and I reported to dell twice and they replace the subwoofer and speaker only twice also, now the warranty is over the problem come back again and I called the dell and they said its out or warranty already but I insist to them that they didnt resolve the issue they just replaced the parts. now they suggest to me to buy the speaker and with warranty of 3 months and I believe after the 3 months period the problem come back again and they will tell me out of warranty already and buy again, again and again they didnt resolve the issue they just want to get money from me. supposed to be the Dell need to recall all this model of alienware and I believe not only me have this problem in this world lots of people buy this model and I believe they experience also this problem. They need to give support and resolve the issue because its a common issue to all model of M14 2012.

Hi Dell CEO

If you can read this kindly inform your technical support that look on this and resolve the issue dont just replace the parts and need to recall those alienware with this kind of problem even though is out of warranty

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