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M14X R2 : HDD to SSD : A disk read error occured

Hi everybody,

It's my first post on this forum so be nice with me please.

I bought a M14X-R2 3 years ago and i'm really satisfy of it. At the begin it has only a 500Go HDD, so now i decide to bought a SSD to replace it.

I bought a Sandisk SSD PLUS 256Go and i put it into my M14X and i had and error : A disk read error occured.

I can boot on DVD or USB drive in order to install windows 7 and 10. Sometimes in Legacy sometimes in UEFI. Sometimes i can see my SSD sometimes not. I try Legacy with my disk in MBR and UEFI with my disk in gpt, but no difference. If i can launch the install, when it reboot i've got the error of reading.

When i installed windows, the first part occured normally, but when it reboot to continue the install ==> A disk read error occured.

So i tried to put the SSD into a toshiba and a asus of my friends and it work normally, installs was good and work perfectly ... So i don't understand why it's not working on my computer.

Thanks you if you have a new idea, i tried all things that i know.

Have a good day.

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RE: M14X R2 : HDD to SSD : A disk read error occured

Hello and welcome to the Alienware Community,

Try running an ePSA/Diagnostics test to check the SSD. Click here to view a Dell article that explains how to run this test. Let me know if you receive any errors. 

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