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M14x HDMI out not working


I must say that I am very proud of the way this computer feels and performs, however I have one issue. I have been trying for a week to hook my HDMI monitor up to this computer and have not been able to get a signal from my HDMI port. I have ruled out the monitor as the main source of the issue as it works with game consoles and my other computer.

When I plug in the HDMI the monitor immediately goes into 'low power mode'. So it is definitely detecting some semblance of a signal from the computer (when I unplug the cable the monitor turns back on and says no signal). The computer however is not detecting any input. I have tried the control panel options and the NVIDIA control panel with no luck. I have attempted to turn the global settings to the NVIDIA card and that did not work either.

Perhaps the port is not active? If so, how do I activate it? Or is there some other fix for the problem?

I will appreciate any help!


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