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M14x Laptop: Plugged in not Charging// CD Drive

Alright, so I got my laptop back in February and the first thing I noticed wrong was that the disk drive wasn't working. To me that wasn't a major issue, most games I play are off of steam or have online downloads for the game itself. My major problem came just a few months back when the computer decided it didn't wan't to charge anymore. So I did a system restore to a date when it did work and that solved the problem for the time being, now again it will not charge when it is plugged in. At this point I have to keep it plugged in for it to do anything.

Considering the disk drive problem what would be the easiest way for me to get both of these things solved on a college student budget?

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RE: M14x Laptop: Plugged in not Charging// CD Drive

Hello Reaper_Spanky!

On regards to the battery issue you can follow the steps on this article and with the optical drive problem you can erase the upper and lower filter to learn how to do it click here

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