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M14x and Bluetooth Woes

Good morning,

I just reeceived my M14x.  Nice machine.  Couldn't connect my HTC Inspire to it though via Bluetooth.  Was able to see it, and when I try to add device, some items installed, others didn't, with no resolution.  I tethered it via USB and went to the Dell Drivers download and saw there was an updated Bluetooth driver, so I downloaded that.  That enabled a couple more items to install correctly, but there are still 2 items (called bluetooth peripherals...very cryptic...tells me nothing). So I have my phone paired there but with an exclamation point.

Supposedly, I should be able to go to Wireless connections and see my phone there and connect, but it does not.

Anyone have any ideas what I should try next?  Kinda

<ADMIN NOTE:Profanity word removed as per TOU> that I have a brand new expensive laptop that can't even pair a <ADMIN NOTE:Profanity word removed as per TOU> bluetooth device.

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