M14x problem

"No supported webcam driver detected." - This is the message I receive after trying to use my webcam. Firstly, I had to get a new hard drive because the one that was in my laptop when I received it was malfunctioned. I had the Webcentral, Livecentral, or whatever default webcam program that is, on my m14x, and it worked just fine then. After installing the new hard drive, I had to re-install all of the drivers, etc, etc, but on the resource dvd, I could not find the driver for my webcam. I am curious as to where I may be able to find this driver, and program, because I am personally having no luck. If I cannot get this fixed, I would feel robbed pretty badly. I have already been given atrocious customer service so far, so I am counting on someone here, please D;

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