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M17 constantly being repaired terrible quality

Hi there

Ive had my M17 since late 2013 and took out the extended warranty.

Multiple parts replaced only for it to break down again within a few or so months

  • Motherboard at least 5 times if not more
  • Gtx 780m gpu i think this is the 3rd or 4th one
  • camera and sensor 
  • charging point

There are probably more parts but i cant recall them as there have been so many.

The latest dilemma i have is the laptop would be plugged in and would not charge the battery (this would happen every now and then) 

Also the screen sometimes would go black (with no cursor) and i could hear sounds in the background. Again this would happen every now and then id close the laptop and wait a few minuets to an hour and it might work again.

Dell Technical Support told me that about 5 parts needed to be replaced after remote accessing my laptop and looking at it. So the organised a Tech to come to my house to fix it.

The Tech firm emailed me and they said a tech would call between 9-10am to let me know when they would turn up and replace all the parts. They never called at this time only to call me after 12 to say i missed their call (that never came up on my phone) and they would reschedule for the next day.

Next day the Tech turned up to replaced about 4-5 parts over a period of about 2hrs. After replacing all the parts he went to boot it and it would not turn on (It did turn on before he touched it). He then called Dell to see what the next step was only to be put on hold for 30mins he said he had other jobs to attend to, swapped all the old parts back in and left.

I called the engineering firm that Dell contracts to and they said i would have to wait to hear from Dell and so will they. Its Easter weekend and i have heard nothing from Dell, i have called them multiple times only to be transferred to all different departments who cant help me. So now i'm left in the dark about what is going on and no one can help me. (Thanks Dell) 

I need my laptop for work to invoice my clients so i get paid and will have to take another day off, and since i'm a contractor and don't get paid when i take time off. With the amount of days i have missed off work to have my laptop repaired over the years i could have bought a brand new Alienware M17.

Im glad i took the extended warranty as i would have been stuck with brick of a laptop long ago, for the money people pay for their alienware laptops you would assume that they would not break down so often. 

Have I just bought a lemon of a laptop or a M17 from 2013 and prone to faulty parts?

I don't know what kind of leg i have to stand on but its getting ridiculous with the money/time a faulty item has cost me, is it fair to ask for a replacement or the parts being replaced to be current new parts. I am considering contacting an ombudsmen for advice over this laptop.

All i can say is owning a top of the range Alienware has been a non pleasant and costly time for me.

Any feedback or thoughts from other owners would be appreciated.



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RE: M17 constantly being repaired terrible quality


We are very sorry to hear about this inconvenience. Send me your Service Tag in a PM so we can review the case. 

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RE: M17 constantly being repaired terrible quality

Well just to let every one know how things have gone with my machine.

After 2 failed attempts by Dells service technician i decided to give them one more attempt and they fixed it. For a whole 30 minuets before sparks and a flame came out the back of my laptop followed by thick smoke.

What can i say im glad i was in front of it before it burnt my house down.

I wonder what will happen next. 

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