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M17 xR3 video questions

Have a 2011 laptop and recently it developed same issues i'm reading with video card dropping out. It is I7, 6 gig ram and has the AMD 6990M 2 gig video card. I tried doing all the *** I read from drivers to bios update and only thing that worked in the end was remove card power up and down and reinstall video card then it was reconized again. But it will still drop. So I want to know is it an issue with the AMD 6990m cards after a run on use, and can I install a nivida card with 4 gigs instead of 2 and it work? If I gotta buy a new pricy card I want it to count. Will it work in the M17 xR3 2011 laptop with updated bios to A12?

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RE: M17 xR3 video questions


It does sound like a possible hardware problem with the AMD card. Below are the validated GPU options for the Alienware M17X R3 system.


  • GeForce 460m
  • GeForce 560m
  • GeForce GTX580m


  • AMD Granville Pro 6870m
  • AMD Blackcomb XT 6970m
  • AMD Blackcomb XTX 6990m

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