Cori Foxworthy
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M17X V2 GPU fan kicks into high gear when multi-tasking.

I have the M17X V2 which I purchased from Dell almost 3 years ago. It comes with the 240w adapter. Whenever I am multi-tasking (several apps open) or I am playing games, my GPU fan kicks into high gear. My husband has the M18X that was supplied by his work. He has a 330w adapter. I tried to plug his adapter into my laptop and it yells at me but seems to work. I played last night and my fan did not kick rev up. I want to purchase one for my laptop as I feel the 240w adapter is not enough power. I have been looking at some forums on this subject and see that I would have to do some sort of mod. I still have a warranty and will not go that route. Why can't I use it as it seemed just fine last night. No battery loss at all. However, it did not seem to be charging so maybe that is the problem. Well I can always remove the battery and if the battery loses charge use the 240w that came with it. Any suggestions on this?

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