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M17XR3 Corrupted Bios

I have a M17XR3 (Early 2011) running win 8.1, nvidia GTX460M, 2960XM I7, two 1TB SSD. During my bios update from A10 to A12, I closed all programs just to ensure the update wouldn't be interrupted. Half way through the update windows BSOD on me and corrupted the bios. I found online the procedure for restoring the BIOS through a USB stick in the Esata hybrid port and with no results. Has anyone successfully done this and what brand of USB stick did you use, BIOS, and what did you remove from the board to make it work. I right now am trying to do it with the GPU removed with no results. Any help is greatly appreciated, I love this laptop and would hate to have to get another.

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RE: M17XR3 Corrupted Bios

Basically you just have to download the driver and copy the files in a clean 2 GB flash drive then boot from it or you can create bootable cd with the files.

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RE: M17XR3 Corrupted Bios

If you have access to another machine, extract your BIOS.EXE to get the PAR00MEC.FD rom from it. To extract it, just use WinRAR.

Rename it to PAR00X64.fd. This is now your recovery ROM.

Put it on a UBS stick and insert it into the hybrid slot.

Hold WIN key + B and power on. Once powered on, the LED lights might act differently, after about 5 secs, release the keys.

It will take anywhere from 2 mins to 6 mins to reflash and then it will reboot. While its flashing, it will beep every few seconds to tell you it is doing it.

This should recovery flash your machine. If this doesn't work, let us know and I'll check int he recovery file to see if they key press to activate USER RECOVERY instead of AUTO RECOVERY was changed by the Dell Engineers.. But being Insyde BIOS, default keys are WIN + B...

PS: Some machine require you to remove power, remove battery, insert USB, plug in power, then boot within 2 mins WITHOUT battery and holding WIN + B... Once done, insert battery and boot normally.

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