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M17XR4 Fan issue

My M17X's fan started running constantly yesterday afternoon. It has never really run for any extended period of time until yesterday. I powered down for the light disconnect the power supply and removed the battery. When I fired it up this morning about a minute after I fired up the fan kicked on, and has been running ever since. Any ideas what kind of issue this may be?

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RE: M17XR4 Fan issue


I don't own your machine but it's very common on laptops for the fans to get bunged up with lint, especially as people often use them on a bed. The fans are sucking in dust constantly like a vavuum cleaner.

Consequently, the fan can't do it's job properly and starts to work at full speed as the processor isn't cololed enough then eventually, the machine starts cutting out randomly.

You often can't see how much lint gets in there from the outside but if you ever take one apart, it can get pretty densly packed.

In the first instance I usually just blow through the ports/heat sink vent from the outside. Just put your mouth to it and blow. You'll porbably see a load of gunk flying out and the problem wil be instantly better. I also have a sort of paint sprayer which is really good for cleaning out electroincs when just used with air, maybe you have something like that (although don't use a high pressur line I don't think)

I've done it loads of times so there's a good chance it's that although of course, It might be something else. Once you know, it's a good idea to do it regularly before things get too bad

Good luck and hope I can help.

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RE: M17XR4 Fan issue

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