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M17x R2 lock up after power outage

Alright, I'm in Iraq, that's to explain why the power is crap. Now, the power goes out on a regular basis here and every single time it comes back on, my laptop locks up completely. I thought it might be the power supply so I switched to my spare, only I get the same issue. I then switched to my spare battery thinking that might fix the problem. Nope, same issue. Some guys I work with are saying it might even be my GPUs. Now, I did some experimenting just to see: I put the old battery back in my laptop, turned it on and got windows 7 running, then unplugged the power supply. No issue yet. However, as soon as I plug in the power supply my laptop locks up to the point where I have to system restore just to get it working again(I forgot to mention that this is what I have to do every time). I then put the spare battery in to see if the problem was consistent, which I believed at the time it was. I was right, as soon as I plugged the power supply back in the laptop locked up. It's only when I re-apply power. I'm baffled.

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Re: M17x R2 lock up after power outage

I believe your solution is HERE.

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