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M17x-R3, Not Charging Battery

Plugged in, get message ac adapter does not work for this computer blah blah.

Yes I read all the other threads. Yes I checked the bios and updates.

This was doing it before the warranty expired and i was explained the "fix" of shutting down, take out battery, unplug blah blah. And it worked so nothing else was done.

But now the warranty has expired and it does this all the time. It wont even charge now.

Anyone figure out what the real issue is? I really wanted one of these computers for so long and i'm so disappointed with this product and service.


I paid a lot of money for this laptop. And its a known issue! This is junk. And i'm upset!! So now I need to pay to get this repaired? That is unfair!

Dell! I want this fixed or replaced. This is unacceptable! I will do everything in my power to steer potential buyers of Alienware and Dell away to other products if this is not fixed at your cost.

FYI - I'm an internet marketer and own a digital marketing agency so I know how to make every ad show referencing poor products from Dell.....

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RE: M17x-R3, Not Charging Battery

The problem is the AC adapter and it needs to be replaced. Please send us an email to awsocialmedia@dell.com with your Service Tag and a brief description of this issue so we can review your case.

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