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M17x R3 sound issue with upgraded graphics card (760m)

Hey there

I have an Alienware m17x r3 which used to have a gtx 580m graphics card. Recently it stopped working and I had to get a replacement graphics card, the gtx 760m. I saw a few posts about the upgraded graphics card and followed them, and successfully installed it and got it to work.

Now my issue is that, whenever I have the sound card enabled in the BIOS, my Windows 8 starts to load, and then gives me a blank colored screen just before the login page. Every time I restart, a different colored screen pops up. When I disable the integrated sound card, I don't face any issues.

I was wondering if someone could help me with this issue, I would really like to use my speakers/headphones. I have the latest version of BIOS, and have reinstalled the graphics and audio drivers multiple times, but to no avail.

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RE: M17x R3 sound issue with upgraded graphics card (760m)


That GFX card is not supported. Using an unsupported GFX card in that system can cause that (conflict between HDMI audio and audio card).

You could also try posting this on the Notebook Review and Alienware Arena forums, to see if you can get help from other users that might have the same card.

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