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M17x-R4, AC adapter not charging battery

Hi a few days ago, my M17x-R4 crashed and rebooted. Upon rebooting, the Nivdia GTX 660M Video card was not being detected in the bios. Then today, the AC adapter warning came up.

Ali Rexhepi

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RE: Ac Adapter not charging battery


We don't recommend you post service tags or any other reference information or personal information on public posts. 

Try following the troubleshooting below:

  • If the NVIDIA card is not detected, try pressing Fn+F7 to enable it again and restart. 
  • Then, confirm it's being detected on Windows and BIOS. Check also if the AC adapter type says 'Unknown" on the BIOS.
  • If the GPU is still not detected, or shows Standard VGA Adapter on the Device Manager, try re-installing the video driver as explained on this article
  • Check for any BSOD from when the computer crashed.

Let me know the results!

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