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M17x-R4 adapter issue

My adapter issued with the computer was destroyed when I moved so I ordered a new one from Dell. The new adapter says its made by Flextronics instead of Dell but all of the specs on it appear the exact same as the factory one. However, when my computer starts it says the adapter does not support the proper amount of power to the computer. I have to push F1 to continue startup. Is there some sort of setting I can do to adjust the power supply? The specs on both the new and old adapter say Input:100-240V~50-60Hz 3.5A Output: 19.5V, 12.3A. I noticed on the packaging slip the adapter was listed as p/n FHMD4 and described as "ADPT,AC,240W/210W, DLTA,3P,WW"  Is this adapter both a 240W and 210W? And if so, how can I adjust the settings or have the computer use the full 240W? Thank you


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RE: M17x-R4 adapter issue

Hi Courtney,

Please send me a private message with the order number for the AC adapter so I can verify it's the right one.

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