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M17xR2 Startup issue

Hey guys, first post here. Hoping I might get some help with my issue and resolve it before I need to sit on the phone for hours.


My laptop has been working fine for the past few months, but a few days ago it was installing windows updates as it was shutting down. Because I have it set not to do anything when I shut the lid, I did just that and went to sleep. In the morning the computer was still on and had a black screen and was not responsive. When I tried to start it, it froze in the windows 7 screen just before log in. Had to hard kill and restart to try and bring up start up repair, which did not work. Neither did restore. Did a full reformat and worked okay until I installed the video drivers. Now every time I try to update the drivers this happens.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


4gigs 1333MHZ DDR3

Proc: I7-940XM, 2.13, 8MB 

Dual Radeon 5870 HD

Windows 7 64bit

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