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M18X R3 part numbers for DVD bay


I recently purchased an M18x up here in Canada.  Unfortunately the pickings were slim, so I had no choice but to purchase the RAID configured model.

Because there are 3 SSD drives in RAID, there is no DVD burner.  What I'm looking for are the part numbers for the parts necessary to put in a burner.

I already took out the 3 2.5" SSD's and reinstalled the OS on a larger Intel 520 series SSD.

The mSATA module is still in there, which is the 4th SSD drive that is used for storage.

Now, I have the burner already, from Dell, P# D288Y.  What I'm looking for are the part numbers for the cable, the bracket that holds the drive, and the felt insert on the slot (if it's a seperate part, if not, then I can add a custom one, or whatever is recommended).

Is that all that is needed, or do I need something else?

Other than that, it's a great system.  My previous laptop was the M17X R3, which, once the kinks were worked out with the built-in speakers and the optical SPDIF port, worked great.

I must admit though, the Klipsch speakers in the 18 are waaaay better than the 17, the Bose speakers in the XPS sounded better than the M17x.  But the M18x blows both out of the water.

As for the styling, I really like the look, more so than the previous generation.  Great job!


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RE: M18X R3 part numbers for DVD bay

Hello Lucasbk!

I will recommend you to speak with the sales department in Canada; maybe they will be able to get the correct part number and a quote for you.

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