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M18xR2 Won't Boot When Power on Key Hit - Dell Tech wants to Replace HD, Sounds like Motherboard .....


I have an M18xR2 lap top, new in December 2012 but hardly used until last month.  From the box it would occasionally not boot when power on button pressed - fans spin, backlites come on, nothing on screen.  None of the "lock" lites lite up - Caps, Num, Scroll.  If I hit power button, lites turn off.  Sometimes requires several on / off button presses before it will boot, and never boots unless the Lock buttons lite up.  I have tried the no batt / power hold power switch trick, no change in behaviour.

Reading various forums on this issue, sounds like the motherboard is failing POST checks, and needs to be replaced.  The Dell service tech I spoke with today when I finally had a moment to report the issue had me run a HD Tune Pro diagnostic, which defaulted to a Benchmark test when run (when I asked if this is the test he wanted to run didn't get a clear answer).  Because it showed some spikes on this graph (Transfer Rate MB/s vs file size in gB I think), he concluded the hard drive needs to be replaced.  I asked about the motherboard being more likely as per above, got the repsonse "..it could be that too, but I think its the hard drive.".

If this is the fix great, but it feels like he just wants to use the hanging parts method of troubleshooting, and it is a major pain for me to reinstall all software and the collection of locked PDF's, etc. I use with my work.

Any thoughts on any more conclusive troubleshooting to be done before letting them swap out a new hard drive and deal with all of the back-up issues, etc?  I am not overly computer tech savy to at the mercy of those that are....

Any feedback is appreciated.

Thx - Brad

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Re: M18xR2 Won't Boot When Power on Key Hit - Dell Tech wants to Replace HD, Sounds like Motherboard .....

Allow me to review your case, please send me a private message with your service tag and contact information.

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