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{MOVED}Alienware MX17 Won't turn on

Hello all,

I have an Alienware MX17, bought in 2010. It has been fine up until last Friday. I had it on power saver mode as I was doing low intensity bits and bobs on it. I left it for approx 15 mins and it must have gone into a sleep/hibernate mode in that time. I tried to restart it by pressing the power key - it is usually quite responsive - however it didn't seem to do anything, the screen remaining blank/black screen. I had it on charge at the time, and the lights on the dash/keypad etc remained on. The mouse was no longer recognised and the laptop didn't respond to any key presses. I powered the laptop off. Since then I have tried to turn it back on - what happens is as follows -

1)      I turn the power on - there is a short burst from the fans at the back, the lights on the dash and keypad comes on and then the computer switches itself back off.
2)      The computer then switches itself back on after approximately 5 seconds. It seems to have more 'umph' but doesn't get past a black screen, with the lights on. It doesn't get as far as the Alienware face screen or bios screen - nor does the computer respond to any F-Keys.
3)      I have tried to switch it on to do a test (Screen test I believe) - by holding down the D key and the power button. This doesn't seem to progress any further than the fans going constantly & a blank grey screen.
4)      I have attempted a number of times to take the battery out, hold power button etc and restart with no joy, both with and without the adaptor in.

To note also..

*      I have had the laptop 3 years now, and have used it often and more than likely beyond the battery life of 300 charges/re charges as per the manual.
*      The adapter cable has a fault - the wire has become stretched an exposed.

Could these problems be battery related? I note that the charger was still working, and the battery was still charging up at the time when the laptop has stopped responding. A friend believes it may be regards the graphics connector from motherboard to screen - something he could potentially resolve.

Any thoughts/similar experiences, hopefully solutions?

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Re: Alienware MX17 Won't turn on

If you haven't tried reseating the memory modules, that's a good thing to test.

If that does nothing, is there an LED on the AC adapter?  If so it's OK.

Try without the battery - AC only.  

If you still get nothing, odds are it's the system board.

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