Multiple Things Wrong With My Alienware M14x


My Alienware M14x has many problems. One of the problems is that the graphics card, NVIDIA GeForce GT 555m, has the error code " Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)". I've tried MULTIPLE solutions, such as, uninstalling, then rebooting, uninstall then download the driver from NVIDIA's website, and going into Registry Editor and messing with UpperFilters and LowerFilters. I've also tried using the Standard VGA graphics card, and that has the same problem. I wonder if it is all of my graphics cards? But I got the Alienware for gaming, it costed a lot of money, and I want my moneys worth, not a Standard graphics card... The second problem I am having is with my Built-In Microphone. It will work, but it is as if my volume is at 1 out of 100. But the volume is at 100. I've tried to "Find and fix audio recording problems" but they said there was nothing wrong with it. The third problem with my Alienware M14x is that whenever I close the lid to my laptop, the screen turns black and you can't turn it back on. You have to turn it off with the power button on the laptop (the alien's head,) Then turn it back on. I've tried going into settings and changing "what happens when closing the lid" to "nothing" but the problem persists. The fourth problem, is that whenever I plug in the HDMI cable to my television, nothing happens. I think this has something to do with the graphics card but I'm not sure. I'm trying to decide if I should get a new one with my warranty, which still has over 200 days on it! I bought this laptop on 3/05/12 and I'm having all of these problems! The graphics card and the built-in microphone have been like this since I got my laptop, but the closing lid situation and the HDMI cable problem has just started recently. PLEASE HELP! ~Drew Ellis.

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Re: Multiple Things Wrong With My Alienware M14x

Your issues sound very much like driver issues , have you tried downloading the latest video drivers from dell site ? and if you still have warranty why dont you call tech support ? as they will help you clear your issues on your m14x

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Re: Multiple Things Wrong With My Alienware M14x

I believe that the issue can be easily fixed by performing these steps:

Flash the system BIOS to the latest version available.

Follow this article for the correct uninstall and reinstall video drivers procedure.

Use the latest video drivers from DELL.COM only because they are the ones tested.

Do the same with the Audio drivers.

If the issue persists after trying all that please send us an e-mail to and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a resolution. Please Remember to add your service tag, phone number, a brief description of the issue and my name.

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Re: Multiple Things Wrong With My Alienware M14x

Which NVIDIA Driver did you try?   Was it one of the BETA/Legacy drivers or the regular driver download? 

I would start with the regular driver download

Then install the latest Beta/Legacy one without doing a clean install.   If that doesnt work, try the one from the Dell Support site.    I have the same computer and graphics card as you and  Iam running the latest NVIDIA just fine.  It may be the video card itself is defective. 

Never had issues with the microphone nor the lid so I can't help you there.  It may be just an update to the BIOS.  Try that first.

I had the HDMI issue problem at the beginning.  To fix it I right clicked on the program I wanted to use and selected "Run with graphic processor" then selected "high performance NVIDIA Processor"  It worked with my ITUNES when I connected it to my TV.  Before, it did not work.   You can also go into the NVIDIA settings and click on Manage 3D settings and manually select the NVIDIA card for programs there.  That should also help. 

Let me know if this helps you.

Good Luck.


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Re: Multiple Things Wrong With My Alienware M14x

Thanks for the help everyone, but I made this post on the Alienware Forums on the Alienware website. I've gotten everything under control, thanks for the help though.

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Re: Multiple Things Wrong With My Alienware M14x

I had a alienware M14X R2, which works perfectly well except the audio problem. When i have a webcam with my friends or record my voice. The sound is so weak and hard to hear. I tried to use different staff like apple earphone to record. But it just not work!! Please help me!

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