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My Alienware M18x HDMI Input isn't responding

I have a M18x and when I tried to connect my Ps3 in the HDMI Input it doesn't respond! When I hit the FN + F8 keys appears the following message in the screen: Please connect HDMI input device. I don't know what to do, and I could only find posts about the sound issue! Please help me!

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RE: My Alienware M18x HDMI Input isn't responding


* Connect the PS3 to your TV
* Turn both on
* Go into the PS3 video settings and change the resolution to 720p
* Without shutting the PS3 off, disconnect the HDMI cable from the TV
* Connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI In jack on the right side of the M18x-R1, NOT into the left side HDMI OUT port

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RE: My Alienware M18x HDMI Input isn't responding

known issue with hdmi cables and a few have ddone it with success is that the HDMI cable dossent fit allt he way in due to the plastic surrounding it  being to big to insert and make proper contact.. what we do is trim the plastic  back a bit , like 1/4 inch or so from  the connection so it can be  inserted further in(assuming the plastic is touching the laptop)  I had to do this for HDMI out since the port sits to far  inward.. and aa few had success with input  aswell doing this

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