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N key is sticking

My N key of my m17  is sticking and doesn't have the tactile feel to it anymore. I have to press it abnormally hard to get it to type. Is there something stuck under it? Is the key broken? Can I repair it easily by taking the key off and resetting it or is this something I should send it in for repairs? I'm a student and this is my only computer. The laptop is big enough that I would prefer not to have to lug around an additional keyboard just to make it work.

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RE: N key is sticking

I had this issue as well but didn't find a good solution to the sticking of the keys... I would have to pound the button to get mine to type (three of my keys do this). I ended up popping off a key by accident trying to get it to work (which slightly lifting a corner of a key did help for short periods... but end result is popping off a key that I haven't managed to get back on myself).


I hope someone has a solution to this one... would be helpful for the future.

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RE: N key is sticking

Whenever there is an issue with one key, we usually have to replace the entire keyboard on these computers.

If you want, I can see what available options we have for your laptop.
You can send me a Personal Message with your Service Tag and a link to this thread to make things faster.


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