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Need Replacement Charger+Battery-- HELP!

My Alienware 17x hasn't been charging for months. I've gone through everything i've been told to do, including bios updates, draining the battery, removing the cmos, ect. I ran Support Assist and it said I needed a new Battery (Error: WBT02-Q86) and that it would order a replacement for me but every time it goes to submit my information, it runs into an error. I'm still able to run without a battery... That was until yesterday.

My charge cord suddenly started making a "Pop" noise and instantly cutting off power to my computer. This happens randomly mostly, although sometimes if you so much as touch the cord lightly it will cause it to do this. I can't see any visible damage to the cord, the light on the cord's 'box' still lights up fine and I've changed what socket it's plugged into without any changes. I'm kind of scared that this 'Pop' might actually be a spark from the cord's box and/or it might be causing major harm to the rest of my laptop.

Now, I've tried to get assistance through the forum but was left completely unanswered. I'm not sure where to go otherwise.

I need help as my warranty is running out in just a week. Please, help me.

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RE: Need Replacement Charger+Battery-- HELP!

It will be better to swap both the battery and the ac adapter, if you live within US or Canada send me a PM with your service tag and a brief description of the problem you I can help you further, otherwise contact the technical support site in your country so they can assist you.

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