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Need help in my Alienware M14x keyboard


I bought an Alienware M14x last year, June 2011. I ordered it from the USA and had it delivered to a relative there so it can be shipped here in the Philippines where I live. It was working really great until about 2 months ago, I suddenly experienced a really irritating problem with the keyboard. Whenever I type anything, whether it be a message, email or a plain text in a document, the letter "t" suddenly types on its own like ttttttttttttttttttthis. What's worst is that the only way to stop it is by pressing the backspace for a few seconds until it stops. Another thing, whenever I need to use the letter "t", it doesn't work. That is why I have to use the on-screen keyboard to use the letter "t" which I'm doing right now. You can just imagine the hassle whenever I need to use the letter. It took me quite a while just to finish this paragraph.

I already tried to consult laptop repair shops here in the Philippines but they always advise me to bring it to an authorized Dell Repair Center since they are not quite familiar with this Alienware brand. So for the past 2 months I've been worried because it's only been a year and a few months since I bought this relatively expensive laptop, and its really disappointing to encounter this problem every time, especially when I use it also for work other than the games that I can no longer play now.

I'm really frustrated because I was told by a relative in the USA that Dell/Alienware is the brand to buy when it comes to laptops and computers and if the buyer is into games and photo/visual editing. I was told that it was also used by the US military on the field, so I thought that when it comes to its life span and durability in all aspects, it would be worth it. Another thing, I've been very careful with this laptop. I mean, whenever I play a game or use it for work, I only use it for about an hour and a half so as to avoid overheat if there's such a thing. I also make sure that my keyboard is always clean by using a silicon skin. I don't use a vacuum in case you want to know.  But then it all came to this.

I've already tried reformatting my M14x with the Windows 7 CD that came with the package, but the problem is still there. I already emailed Dell and they informed me of the contact details of Dell's partners here in the Philippines. I was told that I might need to have my keyboard repaired or even replaced because my warranty has already expired last June 2012.

Has anyone experienced his before in their Alienware? What is the best thing to do? I really need help.

Thank you very much for your time.

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