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Need to boot up Aurora R4 twice to quiet down the fans

First, upgraded to Win10 x64 Home on day one. Problems started some months later so, not sure if it was and OS update what broke the performance of my rig.

Since a year ago more or less, my Aurora R4 all of sudden one morning booted with the fans making a huge deal of noise, specially the one fan that is attached to this other smaller "motherboard" that apparently controls the LEDs and other things about the chassis of the R4. Of course I was scared because that previous day I did nothing out of the ordinary but powering it down so that I could head to sleep (no updates on queue for Win10 and the like). Turned off the computer, waited a few seconds to calm down myself and stop thinking that my computer suddenly wanted to break itself, and then on this second boot all fans just performed as normal (first loudly on first start and then easing down until the quietness returned).

I thought it was just an odd behaviour of 1 day. Next day, it did the same. Powered it down because the noise was unbeareable, and then on the second boot, quietness. Thought "well, lets consult Google and see what's up". Saw people telling me "update your BIOS!" and others "update drivers!". Yes, did everything, even the BIOS up to the A11. Support Assist tells everything is in order even today.

The problem since that day persisted. Added booting the computer twice to my early rituals of the morning to bear with the problem, until a few days ago (4 to be exact), when the computer simply didn't want to go beyond POST, as my husband said. USBs didn't receive any power or signal, not even the screen received any signal. Interestingly enough, no single BEEPs from the computer at all and the fans were very quiet.

Made a few diagnosis to see what was happening. This is what I did:

1. With everything unpluged, went to clean all the debris and dust that was inside the computer (yes, on a table that was grounded). Pistol on hand, I cleaned up a good amount of dirt. After that, plugged everything back again and power it up. Same results.

2. Everything unpluged but the power cord. Hold Power button for 1 minute, then start it again. No dice.

3. Remove RAM sticks and power it up. It made the beeps related to no RAM detection, so, at least the motherboard still was alive and detecting such.

4. Stared at the computer's innards for a brief moment after putting the RAMs back in place, and eyed the fan that was "clipped" to the CD/DVD drives' chassis. Unplugged it and slided it out. This one was the one that made much of the noise in the past, so it dawned something to me, and powered the computer up without it. It booted as normal...

Yes, I was wondering why this fan was the apparent culprit, but since it booted up so nicely and quietly without it, it is now inside a box along with other plastic frames from the inside of the computer (the ones which are just for aesthetics, mind you). Today I booted it up ONCE. The fans were not very loud like in the past, but I noticed the PSU one was a tad "loud". My thoughts were that since the one that I removed was causing such a noise, it muffled the noise that the others made, so I tried this theory by powering it down and booting it up again like I have been doing since a year ago. The noise was reduced to a murmur, much less than the first boot of the morning.

And this is all the story. Apparently removing the fan that made much of the noise, not only allowed me to continue using my R4 but, the problem of the fans being "loud" on the first boot of the morning is STILL THERE, but not causing a great deal of noise (of course, I prefer the quiet murmur of the second boot so, that's what I will keep doing all the mornings). My question is:

-Is there any fix to this apparent first boot noise of the fans of the system? (don't tell me to update drivers and such, all that is accounted for)

Right now, the PSU fan is not causing great noise, but I suppose with the passing of time that might change. My R4 is barely 4 years old and I take a lot of care of it, using it on daily basis from morning to night and unplugging the power cord from the wall outlet  every night (because of a past experience with my previous computer, killed by a thunderstorm when it wasn't even powered on). I wish to fix this problem to avoid it from causing more problems. There is a "secondary" problem, which I'm not sure if it is related, but while playing games such as SMITE, Overwatch, Bioshock or Dawn of War II (to name a few that uses a lot of GPU), sometimes the slot for the GPU shuts down and leaves me with no signal on the screen, or a pink screen, or a white screen and rarely, rebooting the computer by itself. It does the same with my old GPU (GTX 950) and my new one (GTX 970), with this screen and two others. Changing the GPU from slot sometimes is needed because the computer would boot up showing a WHITE STRIPE from side to side on a black screen with crashed pixels all about it, and changing it from slot seems to solve this problem, until it would randomly crash again.

As said, not sure if both problems are related, but since I want to fix the problem of the fans, I thought naming the other issues that the rest of the hardware does would give clues, if any.

Thanks for reading.

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RE: Need to boot up Aurora R4 twice to quiet down the fans

Turn off Win10's Fast Startup feature.

Uninstall current AW-CC and reboot. (so you can do a "clean install")

Install last Aurora-R4 AW-CC for Win8 (I think it's v3.5.x) IN WINDOWS 8 COMPATIBLITY MODE

Reboot and test.

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