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New Alienware X51--no sound

Hi! I just bought a new Alienware X51 desktop today, plugged the Logitech speakers I got with it in (both to the power strip and the audio jack of the PC), and nothing. I get air, and that god awful noise when I unplug them from the PC, but I don't get audio coming out. Am I missing something stupid, or is this a problem?

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Several questions.  How is your X51 plugged in to the monitor?  Is it HDMI?  If your computer monitor has built in speakers, the system will default to HDMI for audio and disable the audio jacks on the back.  

Also you can go to the control panel (the 'old' fashioned one) and access the sound panel and see when your speakers are plugged in, what jack it is connected to and if it is disabled for some reason or using a different audio processor etc. 

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