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New Aurora R4

While I'm not a computer expert I managed to build my last system, and it was pretty good system.  My son wanted to game so I thought I would give him that system and put another one together.

Looking around I instead I opted for an Alienware.  I purchased a New Aurora R4 It arrived January 17th 2014. 

Wow...  I'm pretty sure this is my last Alienware.       

I actually had no intention of changing anything soon when I ordered it.  I had a vague notion at some point of adding an SSD, so when ordering I asked about upgrading, and was assured it was an easy process.  I was told it has extra bays all ready to go...

As it worked out, two weeks ago I ran into a great deal on 2 Samsung EVO solid State Drives.  The drives were about $65.00 each, and are 128 GB.  I figured I could put the operating system on one, and games on the second and run the 2 TB as storage.  I was thinking if one or the other solid states went bad they were cheap enough and small enough to replace with no issues.

What a head ache...  I can't even get the system to recognize the SSDs for storage much less getting an operating system on one.  Extra factory set partitions, embedded reg keys... 

I ended up just leaving the 2 TB hard drive in the system, and placed the SSDs in the other system.  I had no idea an Alienware system was going to be such a pain to mod.  

I guess the upside is the SSDs work great for my son.  Pretty disappointed with this computer...

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RE: New Aurora R4

I upgraded both my Aurora R1 and my R4 with Samsung 840 Pro ssd's.

I just removed the boot hdd and did a clean Windows install on each ssd. 

No problems!


Aurora R1: i7-960, GTX 770, 3x4GB ram, 840 Pro SSD, Win 7 Pro

Aurora R4: i7-4820, GTX 680, 4x4GB ram, 840 Pro SSD, Win 7 Pro

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