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New Graphics Card

I have the alienware x51 R2. It came with the GTX 745 and this is just not enough for me. I am trying to play GTA 5 with all settings turned down and it is still not possible. The game lags so badly that it is unbearable. I went on a website and typed in all my specs to see if I'd be able to run GTA, My GPU is way under the recommended settings and it just barely reaches the minimum requirements. I did some research for hours yesterday and asked some questions and i heard the GTX 970 is a good card to use with my Alienware x51 R2. Lots of reviews on amazon were x51 owners and they said it is running just fine. I just want to make sure before I spend over 300 dollars on this card. So my question to you is, will the GTX 970 be a good fit in my PC?

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RE: New Graphics Card

We do not support the Nvidia GTX 970 graphics card with this system. The maximum video card upgrade that we can support is the Nvidia GTX 760Ti. However, we have seen the Nvidia GTX 970 card working on some of the Alienware X51 R2s.

Some of our customers have also posted on the forums confirming this card works great with this Alienware system. Click here to view another forum about this topic. Since it's a 3rd party upgrade we cannot confirm full functionality. If you decide to go for this upgrade, we would recommend using a power supply of at least 330W.

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