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New X51 AlienFX not working

Hi there,

I recently purchase the new X51 desktop and I upgraded it to Windows 8 Pro. I was configuring the colour schemes in the AlienFX, but it wasn't doing anything at all. Can any one help, please?

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Re: New X51 AlienFX not working

Hi tdotming,

It is unfortunate that the AlienFX is not working while configuring the color schemes, I’d suggest you to try the below mentioned steps.

1. Shut down the computer and remove any external devices connected like (Printer, Scanner, USB, External HDD)

2. Since the computer is OFF and nothing is connected, Press and hold the Power button for a minute which will release the flee power present inside the computer

3. Power ON the computer and uninstall the Command Center, by getting on Control Panel and highlight Command Center and Uninstall it

4. Restart the computer and click on the below link to download the latest version of Command Center Software.


Restart the computer once the Installation is completed and try configuring the color schemes and let us know if any issues.

Thanks and Regards,
Munawar P
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