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No Audio out of HDMI M14X

So recently when I try to watch videos over an HDMI cable connected to the TV I'm not getting any audio out of it. I like my m14x but that is a real hassle when I want to watch something on a bigger screen.

Running Windows 10 not that, that should matter.

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RE: No Audio out of HDMI M14X

Windows 10 isn't officially supported for this platform. Therefore, driver issues may arise from its use.

This said, you could look into the playback devices and make sure your screen is selected as the output source for sound.

Also, you could try re-installing the HDMI Audio driver from nVidia or look into installing the latest audio driver for your system. You may need to look in the manufacturer's site for this since your machine won't have Windows 10 drivers available on our site.

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