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No audio coming out from headphones jack

Hi, im using a Alienware M14XR2, my sound drive is Sound Blaster Reacon3Di. Since I updated to windows 10 from win 7 my headphone jack died. I've tried several "solutions"  on the internet with no positive results and always hope for a fix from windows in every update with no result either. Please help...

What can I do to restore my headphones jack?

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RE: No audio coming out from headphones jack


Unfortunately, according to the policy document, the M14x R2 system will not be supported on Windows 10. Some users have successfully installed Windows 10 on these non-supported systems. But they did all the driver investigation (example = installing 7/8/8.1 drivers) to force it to work. Dell does not have the resources to do this on non-supported systems.

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