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Nvidia 750 Ti Upgrade for an X51

Any feedback or advice as to whether or not an X51(R1?) can be safely upgraded to an Nvidia 750 Ti?

The specs on the machine are as follows:

i7 (2600) 3.4gHz
Nvidia 545
230W power supply
Windows 7

My impression is that the 750 Ti card requires less power than the 545, so the original 230W power supply should be sufficient.

I would also like some advice on which "style" of graphics card I should purchase (assuming it is a safe and reasonable upgrade).  Thanks in advance for your time and input.

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RE: Nvidia 750 Ti Upgrade for an X51


The NVIDIA GTX 750Ti is not a validated upgrade for this computer so we can't guarantee it will work at a 100%. Below you'll find the list of validated Video Cards for your system.

According to NVIDIA this card requires a minimum 300W power supply, so I recommend you get the 330W AC Adapter if you decide to go for the upgrade.

Validated Video Cards for the X51 R1:

NVIDIA AC adapter     AMD AC adapter
GeForce GT 545, 1GB 240W     Radeon R9 270, 2GB 330W
GeForce GTX 555, 1GB   330W
GeForce GT640, 1GB 330W
GeForce GTX 645, 1GB 330W
GeForce GTX 660, 1.5GB 330W

Hope this information helps!

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RE: Nvidia 750 Ti Upgrade for an X51


I have just noticed the same issue with my order. An Alienware x51 with geforce gtx 750ti and its being delivered ( will arrive this Friday) with a 230 W power supply eventhough Nvidia suggest 330w.

What should be done if it arrives with 230W.

In addition to that I have just received my Dell U2415, what cable should i need to use with GTX 750ti.

Best Regard


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