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Nvidia GPU just disappears

I have an alienware 17 with a geforce graphics card. Long story short I was playing one of my favorite mmos Mabinogi when my computer seemed to crash (screen went black and audio was stuck) I tried to wait it out but ended up having to shut off my laptop with the power button. After that I try to play League of Legends and notice that my fps is just abysmal. After I finish the game I check my nvidia control panel and it says the program stopped working. Then I try to my geforce experience where it says I have an update I try to update my drivers but it then says you need a nvidia gpu to use geforce experience. Then I check the device manager and check under display adapters and the only thing there is the intergrated intel card. This is when I panic and just full restore my computer. I've tried countless "fixes" from forum posts with similar problems but nothing seems to work. Would really love to get this sorted out Smiley Sad

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RE: Nvidia GPU just disappears

right click on the intel hd graphic and scan for hardware changes see if anything happens..It happens to me when I uninstall my gforce driver..

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