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OS Problems?


I bought an Alienware M17x for my daughter as a (very early) birthday present. She got it a few months back, but has been having problems with it since she got it. She didn't tell me until recently, because she feared I'd get mad at her. While angry that I couldn't send it back within the 30 days, I knew it wasn't her fault.

She has had to reload the OS several times (via Alienrespawn, as well as CD), and now it won't even allow her to do that. At first, we thought it was because I had gotten Windows Vista (x64), but after trying to put on Windows Vista (x32), it is still giving her problems.

Other than the OS randomly 'eating itself', as my daughter puts it, it works flawlessly (when ACTUALLY working). The games she put on it, played very well. World of Warcraft had upwards of 95-115 FPS after VSync was turned off, and the graphics were phenomenal. She experienced slight lag in '25-man Raids', but not enough to be detrimental to the group.

Now, my question is, once I get the ball rolling for a Tech to come out and fix it, what will they do that we haven't been able to? Is the OS problem something that can be fixed at home, or do we have to send it back to Dell for this to be fixed?



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Re: OS Problems?

Sorry your daughter is having these problems. I had to reinstall the OS one time but that was because I was messing around with graphics drivers that weren't developed by Dell. Not sure what the tech will be able to do but I hope they can fix it for you.

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