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Ordered my M17X R4 on 11/19 - Due Dec 26?!

I really wish I would have known it was going to take an entire Month to get the computer.

PLEASE tell me this isn't accurate or is a worst case scenario.

Today on the 3rd, the status is In Production.

Also, anyone get one of these Laptops? Worth the money? Will I love it? Be let down?


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Re: Ordered my M17X R4 on 11/19 - Due Dec 26?!

depends on setup.... and proly got this due to payment plan no? ....

worth money.... i didnt think so when i had my M17X R2 made of magnesium alloyand had Dual Graphics , were new ones are plastic and single card 😞

i Loved mine, the Wow Factor is just that when friends see it... cant be beat.....

if it breaks....  goodluck dell support has gone downhill, but i had good and bad support, so each to thier own .

longest of the 4 M17X's i had took roughly 25 days from order day to the door ....

but hey its the holidays.. more orders coming in...

honestly i moved on from alienware sold it got a Acer that is not much slower has a 650M 2gb video, 2 SSD's in raid and 3rd gen I7 ....... was almost half the price of an alienware of similar spec.... its got better specs then my desktop and was cheaper then my desktop 😮

OH and i get battery life 😮  roughly 3 hours gaming 😮

Alienware X51 R3 

M18X R2  🙂  (again)  

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Re: Ordered my M17X R4 on 11/19 - Due Dec 26?!

Thanks, no it wasn't on a payment plan. Just paid all at once.

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Re: Ordered my M17X R4 on 11/19 - Due Dec 26?!

im waiting on 25 days from the time i ordered it, its been in production for 22 days no. my EDD is Dec 17th. i cant wait for the computer, the alienware computers ive seen so far are well worth it. but from what ive seen and heard so far the customer support isnt good at all

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