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Potential for upgrading motherboard for Aurora ALX

Greetings.  I purchased an Alienware Aurora ALX back in July of 2011.  Its still a great rig!  I am wondering about its potential for upgrading in the future though.  Specifically, I am concerned with upgrading the motherboard.  Currently my motherboard model is:

4VWF2 MS-7591 Motherboard (I believe this is correct, I was unable to find the part number on my system configuration list)

My question is:

In the future, will I be able to upgrade this motherboard with a motherboard being used in the current generation Alienware Aurora models?

Thank you.

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RE: Potential for upgrading motherboard for Aurora ALX

Hello Roguish98!

I’m not quite sure which revision of the Aurora do you have but the part numbers are the following

Aurora R1 4DG0V

Aurora R2 DVCRH

Aurora R3 CWKT4

If you want to make the upgrade to a new motherboard it might fit on the system however we haven’t tested so we cannot assure you that will work and you might need you get a new processor and new RAM since the sockets are different.

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